The Only Utility Vehicles Built Bush Hog® TOUGH
Trail Series Utility Vehicles

   Smoother Ride Today ...

      ...and For Years To Come - 49% Smoother

In tests using an accelerometer, the Bush Hog Trail Series Utility Vehicles delivered a significantly smoother ride than the best selling utility vehicle. The Bush Hog Trail Hunter was 37% smoother than the best selling competitor in its size class. The Bush Hog Trail Hand was 49% smoother than the best selling competitor in its size class.

Bush Hog TOUGH Features:

MacPherson struts with coil over shock suspension cushions each front wheel, keeping both wheels on the ground.

True 4-wheel independent suspension with rear trailing arms and coil over shock suspension cushions each rear wheel and keeps them on the ground.

Long 5'7" wheel travel for front wheels.

Dual density foam cushion of contoured seat provides comfort and security.

Operators report they don't spill their coffee.

Bush Hog Utility Vehicle's wheels didn't spin
as it pulled two tractors and Bush Hog 2715
flex wing rotary cutter (approximately 21,000 lbs.).

Competitive machine spun its wheels ...
                 ...and failed to move the same load.

John Wilson -- Farmer/President & Chief Guide, Trophy Quest, Inc.

"Hunters, farmers and country folks know the Bush Hog® name means performance you can count on. Bush Hog utility vehicles live up to the Bush Hog reputation with a ride that's almost 49% smoother than the top selling competitor, the traction of a mountain goat, the standard features of a loaded pickup, and the durability of a Bush Hog.

"True four-wheel independent suspension makes the ride so smooth I don't even spill my coffee. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and Detroit Gearless Locker deliver traction that grips sand, mud, dirt or gravel to get me where I need to go and back. The standard halogen headlights, tail and brakelights and electric gauges give me more for my money. And the sealed and pressurized CVT, ABS hood, five bolt wheels, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes and Honda® and Briggs & Stratton® engines give me Bush Hog's famous dependability.

"I've used lots of utility vehicles farming and at my hunting lodge in Georgia and my hunting camps in Colorado and Canada. The Bush Hog® Trail Series® is the best I've ever ridden, bar none, and Bush Hog's test data proves it."

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